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    How does one know when to take medication?

    i have a hard time trying to figure out, If i should take anti-anxiety med... like dr says.. take one if u feel the need to.
    but because i don't usually take any.. have hard time with deciding if or when to take one.. if i should at all..
    i'm confused i think??

    i know right now.. anxiety level is high.. it has been before..
    the thoughts of maybe having panick attack is contributing to this.. but this but only one reason..

    anyway.. how does one decide???

    any ideas would be welcome.

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    Re: how does one know when to take medication

    Generally, especially when it comes to tranquilizers, the instruction "take as needed" means "take one when you are feeling anxious" as opposed to "take one every day whether or not you are feeling anxious".

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    Re: how does one know when to take medication

    I have some mild tranquilizers and if I am very anxious, I do take one. Sometimes I will take a half of one pill and that is enough to take the edge off.
    Sometimes its a comfort just to know I have the option to take something to relax me, if I should need it.

    Some anxiety is healthy and normal, but I think your gut instinct kicks in when you are crossing that line. When you get to that point, I would take a half of a pill and see how that works for you.


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    Re: how does one know when to take medication

    thanks for the replies.. i did take one (hated doing it tho) and it did help today.

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    Re: how does one know when to take medication

    covered this again today with my Dr. and after (trying) to explain the way things are\not going he suggested\advised i take one in my pocket just in case. (like i'm gonna carry drugs around in me pocket) or take one before i leave the house at all. it's not high (according to him) xanax.25mg and if it helps to take the edge off. Should have taken one this a.m. but never even thought of it. I barely remember to take the anti-depress. *s*

    i think i have the idea now tho.. sometimes i am so dense.. it takes a while for something to sink in. lol

    thanks ppl.

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    Re: How does one know when to take medication?

    I usually can tell if I need to take my lorazapam. some time when im to far gone I forget or my husband tells me to take one to calm me down. Good luck
    The hardest thing you can do is smile when you are ill, in pain, or depressed. But this no-cost remedy is a necessary first half-step if you are to start on the road to recovery. Allen Klein

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    Re: How does one know when to take medication?

    T L C. thank you




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