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    Worried in case my psych drops me

    not sure if this shou be in "do they really care thread" . i suppose it can be moved to there if it belongs there.

    a few times during my apts ( not just last one) my psych has suggested that i transfer to another psych,, (citing my difficutly in travel, distance etc) i have told him quite adamantly that i will not attend anywhere else. even so he keeps bringing it up. I even asked him if he wanted to "bale out" and he said no.. that he was thinking of me.
    on 3rd apt he said he wants his boss to see me.. (that's next week) I know he explained why.(each time he brought it up). but can't remember what he said. i think my mind went into overdrive.. now i'm thinking maybe seeing as how he couldn't get me to transfer that his boss will insist. there are other reasons why i'm writing this but i can't put them here.
    some relate to the thread that was moved. (okay i'm losng my train of thought again.)

    I found it so bloody hard to actually go and see this dr in the 1st place that i cannot go thru that again with somebody else.. even if as dr says other person will have all the notes. just as i'm begining to feel\think that dr is getting better at understanding me... i can't start all over again. I won't start all over again.

    maybe my dr is in over his head.. with me.. i know i'm not the easiest patient... i really don't know what to think or even if i will turn up at next apt.

    this is going round and round my head since last apt.. along with so much other stuff.. think i'm gonna lose it again.
    i'm scared... feel so much like crying all the time and i can't even do that!!

    sorrry.. better stop here.

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    Re: worried in case my psych drops me

    ugh. i'm really sorry about all that.

    on 3rd apt he said he wants his boss to see me.. (that's next week) I know he explained why.. but can't remember what he said. i think my mind went into overdrive.
    could you maybe call and clarify why? maybe that could ease your mind.

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    NSA, it is quite possible that he just doesn't feel he is the best person to help you - perhaps because he doesn't have the depth of experience in the iossues he feels need to be addressed, or perhaps because he feels you need more frequent appointments than he can give you, or for other reasons. That is not uncommon - I get referrals like that on a regular basis and I also refer to others when I think the client will get better advice and assistance with someone else.

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    thanks for the replies. janet and david.

    i know on a logical level (somewhere!!) that this could be why he is saying what he is.. and i have given him some reasons why i can't\wont transfer to the other place. i know the place well. 1 reason i can't\ transfer is it's location.. too near to where i live. and i don't want to be seen coming and going from there. i know this shouldn't matter.. but it does for all sorts of reasons.

    this is only one element of my anxiety over next apt...

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    Perhaps your current therapist feels that his "boss" might be able to better help you, hon. Or, perhaps, he feels his boss can help him to better help you.

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    Or, perhaps, he feels his boss can help him to better help you.
    i think that was one of the things he said to me... sounds about right.. but also it's his insistance that i transfer that gets me..
    guess i'll just have to wait ans see......

    thanks TL.

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    Hi NSA;
    It seems like your "reasons" are just a way to avoid therapy. I know it's hard to go see someone and open yourself up to them. I know it's painful to go through details while trying to establish a theraputic relationship. And I know how difficult it must be to learn that you need to do this all over again. BUT! I fear that if you don't do as your therapist asks, it'll cause you more harm then good. He is obviously not in a position to help you, but is being profesional and courteous in referring you to someone that is more suited. His service to you, the only one he can provide, was and is to find you that one person that will make the difference. Why not explore it? Why would you want to keep seeing someone that is not able to help you? That would be a big disservice from you, to you. What have you got to loose? Nothing...but you have so much to gain. Please consider his offer.

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    You're prob right Lana.

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    I think in the end things like distance, location, even $ can all be overcome or worked around, even though they may make it more difficult to be in therapy, but what should matter the most if whether your current therapist is the best person to help you or if there is someone else out there more suitable to do so, ie. in terms of experience, expertise etc.. and the location may be a bonus in your therapis's eyes even if you don't think so (but I do understand your worries w/ it being so close to your home). At least consider another therapist, you could meet him/her and see what you think and then go from there... it is very difficult to have to keep on opening up to people but I think one of the reasons why it takes many people to find a good match is b/c they have to go through a few to know what they need, want, and what they can get... and then go for it. good luck!!

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    Re: Worried in case my psych drops me

    another "reason" if I may.. i had on one other occasion (Yrs &yrs ago) to meet the head psych at this other location, took him less than five mns to say,, cut out the coffee, tke these and come back in two weeks.. (diff circumstances than where i'm at now) .. but his attitude was way off . needless to say i never went back.

    not to worry i'll figure something out.
    thanks u guys.. *s*

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