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Thread: hello

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    Hi, I am 26 years old, I work as a teacher with deaf children and I am also about to start as a therapist under
    supervision. English is not my native language, so I apologize if sometimes I may not write correctly :red:

    I am happy to join this group- I've been reading the messages posted here for a while and I found them very interesting.
    So, I am glad to be here

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    Re: hello

    Welcome MPM

    Glad you came to join us.


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    Re: hello


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    Re: hello

    Good to have another person to chat to..
    I've always wanted to learn sign language, I spent a week with a deaf couple so learnt a tinsy winsy bit. It was cool, I have often wondered, (as it is a universal language) why it wasn't given as an option in schools.
    nice to meet you

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    Re: hello

    Welcome to Psychlinks, MPM!

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    Re: hello

    Thank you all for the warm welcome

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    Re: hello

    Welcome, mpm! It's great to have you here with us!

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    Re: hello


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    Re: hello

    Welcome, mpm.

    My apologies about the delay in activating your account. You had registered as "mm" and I thought I activated you. Then you registered as "mpm" so I deleted that second account. Then when you registered as "mpm" again I double checked and found that I had never activated your "mm" account.

    It's not pretty what too much work and lack of sleep can do to a person...

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    Re: hello

    Hi mpm - Welcome!

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