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Thread: I quit

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    I quit

    Thank you to everyone on here who has been helpful and supportive whenever I was struggling with something or had an issue. But I am done with my life now. I have finally given up, and this will be my last post. I feel the second I have moved on after something happens, I am faced with more ****. I can't do it anymore. I just cannot deal with my life anymore. I am sorry if I dissapointed anyone, but I doubt I will even be missed..

    &quot;How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery, to love and to be loved. Lets just hope that is enough.&quot;<br />-Conor Oberst

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    Re: I quit

    MIA.... Do NOT QUIT!!! If you are feeling that badly, please call a suicide hotline and talk with someone. I think a lot of folks here can relate to how you are feeling and although you may feel alone, you are not alone.

    Please come back on and talk with us here. I am not a professional but I can sympathize as I have been where you have a few times in my life. Things DO get better, even if you cant see that right now.

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    Re: I quit

    Mia.. i felt you do u now only a few weeks ago and still coming out of it... and you helped me ok..
    please come back and stay with us... we need you ..

    i'm sorry you are feeling so bad.. really i am.. is there anything i can say or do to help??

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    Re: I quit

    Yes, please don't give up.

    This website has hotline numbers:

    Two of the numbers are:



    I have also been where you are many times. And sunset is right, things do get better and they CAN get better. They really can. You need to talk to someone. They can help you.

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    Re: I quit

    Mia... I too can relate to how you are feeling. I just try and lean on my friends for support. It will pass and you just have to remember that. My thoughts are with you!!

    Take Care and PLEEEAASSEE keep coming back to us.


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    Re: I quit

    Mia ,, your in my thoughts and prayers tonight people do care about you xx

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    Re: I quit

    You'd be greatly missed here, Mia. You're one of us now, and we care very much about you. Try to hang in there, hon, and just keep talking it out here. Every one of us is here for you, and for each other...that includes you!

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    Re: I quit


    A lot of us can relate, we are here for you and we care.
    I hope you are reading this and the other posts. WE DO CARE.
    Please Mia talk to us or someone. WE would miss you. K9

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    Re: I quit

    if these forums have been helpful in the past when you were struggling, why not let us help now? no matter what is going on in your life right now, and by no means am I implying it's easy, you still have us though and that won't change. give it a chance, b/c you do have other options. I understand how difficult it is to keep on being bombared w/ more negative stuff and how it feels that you can never get a break and catch your breath, but you also said that you have figured some stuff out and then new things have come up. my point is, things DO change. if you alone can't deal w/ your life anymore I strongly suggest you enlist the help of someone else, or a few other people even... confide in a therapist, your friends, family, anyone you trust... or call one of the hotlines like Janet suggested- that will always be an option as well. honestly, sometimes just talking to someone and laying it all out there can help you figure out solutions while you're talking about the issues, it can make them sound less scary b/c they're "out in the open", someone else may be able to be more objective about it and show you some new interpreations or solutions... I really hope you will reconsider and build on whatever made you post this in the first place, b/c if you wouldn't care at all I doubt it that you would have posted. there is hope hun, you might just have to step around that giant black cloud in front of you to find it hidden behind it, but it IS there. reaching out to get more help would be a great place to start w/ this...

    also, take a look at this:

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    Re: I quit

    I am ok for now. I just got back from being in the emergency room for 11 hours. Thank you everyone for the posts and words of hope. If I have learned anything from this experience is that my actions do effect others. My fiance was very upset, I have never seen such hurt in his eyes before and to know that I was the one who put it there killed me. (pardon the pun). My mother drove 6 hours from Long Island to the Maryland where I am currently attending school. She left at 9 o clock tonight and didn't arrive until almost 3 am. My father is hurt and confused, and my younger brother who has always looked up to me just doesn't know what to think. I hurt those I love most and I don't want to do that ever again. This experience was a wake up call for me. When I was lying in a bed in the emergency room with wires and an IV attatched to me I was terrified. A crisis counsler was brought it and she said she and the ER doctor both thought it would be best to admit me to a psychiatric hospital. I am 18 and didn't know they could do this without my permission, but apparently they can. I freaked. I started crying hysterically and grabbing onto my fiance begging him to not let them take me away. They agreed not to have me admitted after they called my mother and she told them I would be in here care for the weekend. I don't think I will do anything like this ever again. If I am thinking about it, I will definitely consider the consequences first. I don't want to hurt the people I love, and I don't want to be put into a hospital. If there is one thing I realized tonight it is that I truly am loved. I never thought I would ever find someone who would love me more than life itself, but I found him. He is truly my miracle and I believe we were destined to meet so he could save me. I know things aren't always going to be easy, and I struggle with a lot of issues, but I want to get help, for real this time. I quit therapy a few weeks ago, but I am going to start going again. I am going to find a therapist that I like and keep up with therapy. I also am going to hand over my meds to my fiance. That way an overdose will be less likely to happen again if I don't even have possesion of my medicine. I know this is a long post, but I felt like I had to get this all out. Not even for everyone else to read it, but for myself. To those who did read this, thank you all for being so supportive. Your unwavering acceptance and support has helped me many times. Its very comforting to know that there is a place where I am free to be Mia. I can't say whatever is on my mind and not be judged for it. I can't tell you all how grateful I am for this place. Thank you for finally giving me a place that I feel like I belong.
    &quot;How grateful I was then to be part of the mystery, to love and to be loved. Lets just hope that is enough.&quot;<br />-Conor Oberst

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