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    Moderating an Online Support Group

    We have finally a new staff person who has just come on board with moderating the SSC discussion board.

    Is there a site that I can send her to regarding the technicalities of keeping the porn bots and others from being registered members?

    I think I will volunteer just to get the ball rolling even if I find I don't have time in the near future. I'm working on a few things right now and don't want to spread myself too thin....mind you, I could loose some weight:~}


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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    What forum software are you using - phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, etc. - and what version, Judy?

    In general, look for the option of using what is called CAPTCHA or Visual Confirmation - or require Admin approval of every registration the way this forum does (I think that's the safest for a forum where the topics are sensitive and where the sensitivities of the members are paramount).

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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    Thank you, Dr Baxter.

    I will pass this on the staff person.

    This is what is listed at the site. Not usre if it includes the version?
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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    I believe David was asking what version phpBB you had because they added visual confirmation at some point. Though this feature is effective to some extent, my experience has shown the spammers still get through. I explained the method for purging your current memberlist below. IMO the only way to reduce if not entirely eliminate spammer registrations is to move to SMF or perhaps another platform. I am a strong supporter of SMF, the platform currently in use on Psychlinks.

    To find the version number of your software, you need to access the Admin Panel, and the version information is at the bottom of the page.

    The TSFC Forum is running phpBB and I have to remove them just about every other day...even with the visual registration confirmation turned on.

    As I recall when I looked at your forum some time back, there were quite a few in your memberlist, so you may not want to do the ban list, but it's really a matter of Copy |Paste.

    Based on what I have been seeing it seems to me they have bots which can overcome the visual registration confirmation...or the alternative explanation is they have a staff of stooges who surf the internet looking for targets.

    But since no one using SMF software has reported this wholesale spam registration that I am aware of, I'm inclined to think bots have been developed to bypass visual confirmation.

    The phpBB support forum is here:

    The SMF forum is here:
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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    Okay...thanks, Steve.

    I just wrote to the staff member today to say that I would volunteer to moderate but need moderator status to do it. I copied and sent her the info David wrote.
    I can't acess any admin stuff until I am an offical moderator I assume.

    Not sure about switching software but will do with what we have as a first step.

    I will let you know as soon as I hear form the staff person. She just got back from vacation today.

    I would want to get rid of the spam..yes there are many on the members list if not most of them by now! Then we need a rules and guidelines for posting so will write one similar to psychlinks.

    Won't plagarize though....just do some creative paraphrasing :~}

    Another thing to address in posting problems is that some members may be in a state of acute psychosis so may post inappropriate things but is it best to adjust their post versus delete the post?

    I'll give you the example later.

    Thanks for your help with this.


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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    I heard back from the staff person and they are discussing having support with moderating the forum and would accpet my volunteering.

    When I hear more I will let you know.

    Thanks &

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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    There is a Forums Softeware section at the Band of Gonzos Forum and sometimes other forum issues are discussed there.

    There are also other forums where managing, moderating, and administration issues are discussed - see or or (not sure that last one is still active).

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    Re: Moderating an Online Support Group

    Those are great links. I'll use them. The only other issue is that the SSC forum is not easy to talk about with the *general public* for specific problems that may be related to the topic of the forum.

    But then again, with all the other tools you just do it and make the best of it like the rest of the internet forums I suppose.

    Thanks again



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