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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    Quote Originally Posted by Laj
    David, are you familiar with the work done by Roger Callahan, Ph.D?
    And if so, what do you think of it? He uses thought field therapy.
    I don't think so - the name doesn't ring a bell. Perhaps you could start a thread about him with some links to information?

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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    Hi and good morning, David.

    Oh, I was just wondering if you had heard about it. It basically uses "change the thought, change the focus" type of exercises. Quite interesting. He wrote "Tapping the Healer Within" .

    Have a good day!


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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    Thank you!


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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    I do try to keep an open mind about new techniques, especially because there have been examples of some that work even though there was "no scientific basis" for the technique until later.

    However, having said that, I will confess that I am skeptical about anything that seems to claim "miracle cures". Nonetheless, I will explore this a bit as I get time. It seems to have some links to cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) which is certainly a validated and legitimate treatment technique, as well as to the use of imagery, which is also an established therapeutic tool.

    In the meantime, I came across a few links to information about Dr. Callahan's ideas, for those of you who may be interested:

    Descriptions of and Praise for Thought Field Therapy
    New View of Mind-Body Connection: Thought Field Therapy Description of Tapping the Healer Within
    Callahan Techniques: Thought Field Therapy

    Criticisms of Thought Field Therapy
    Debunking Thought Field Therapy and Related Pseudoscience
    Thought Field Therapy: A Critical Analysis
    A Review of Thought Field Therapy
    Thought Field Therapy - this one contains links to articles about the American Psychological Association and the Arizona Board of Psychologists opposition to Thought Field Therapy.

    As I said on my web page about the recovered memory debate, "Ultimately, truth is decided not by rhetoric but by empirical evidence, and in open accessibility to and examination of that evidence." Thus, I think it's probably wisest to look at what both the promoters and the detractors have to say. The bottom line for me is, "if it works, great!" but always be cautious about exaggerated claims until substantiated by evidence.

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    Thank you for the input!

    Inquiring minds love to know!

    Thank you for all the information! I agree with your comment on ruling on the side of caution. I tried one of the tapping exercises while feeling anxious and it seemed to help "calm" me down - probably because it diverted my attention.

    More valuable though was your insight and concern regarding my grief at home and work. I still haven't made an appointment with the md. Trying to read my supervisor's moods about me taking off.

    You know, I don't know the me I've become. Such a wimp.


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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    It's really not about being "a wimp", Laj... it's about forcing yourself to keep moving ahead until you run out of steam and finally getting to the point where you realize you need to stop, regroup, and re-energize.

    It can and does happen to all of us, sooner or later. We only think we are supermen and superwomen...

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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    Thank you David. It's funny you should say late husband used to say the same thing. He would tell me, "ok, let's fall back and re-group"

    I am going to print out what you just wrote and tape it to my computer. Those words bring so much comfort you wouldn't believe.


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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy

    I read some of the links you provided. Thank you!
    I tried one of his exercises and it worked. It was a simple one - something I can do - at least.
    Thank you, David. Some courage is starting to show up again. It's been a long time.

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    Roger Callahan and Thought Field Therapy


    Good for you!

    Like I said, if it works, it works... but I think you're more courageous than you realize.

    Courage isn't about not being afraid - it's about not giving up even when you're afraid.

    When I was a boy, I read a short story by Albert Payson Terhune, publishd in a book called Heart of a Dog - in that story, a young boy, in danger and frightened, keeps himself going by repeating to himself something his grandfather said to him: "Courage consists in holding on just one minute longer."

    I think that you and many others who have visited or posted in this forum personify that.

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    Heart of a Dog

    Good morning, David.

    I just ordered "Heart of a Dog" from an independent dealer at I didn't realize this is a very, very old book!
    I also ordered "The Healing Power of Humor: Techniques for Getting Through Loss, Setbacks, Upsets, Disappointments, Difficulties, Trials, Tribulations, and All That" (whew) ... I attended a workshop offered at my job and this was one of the books they recommended.
    I am trying to utilize all resources at my disposal.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences that have helped you!


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