Those of you who have browsed the main PsychLinks website will have seen this Disclaimer on almost every page:

We do not offer on-line counselling on this web site and we caution that no advice on these pages should in any way be considered a substitute for a personal consultation with a qualified mental health professional. If your situation is urgent, please click on help resources for a list of crisis resources.
Please note that the same caution applies to the PsychLinks Online Forum.

PsychLinks Online is intended as a resource for questions-and-answers and discussions about psychology, life, and mental health; and as an online support community, but it is NOT intended as and should in no way be interpreted as a substitute for personal counselling or psychotherapy.

In particular, any posts which advise other members to disregard the advice of a counselor, therapist, or physician will be deleted.

If in your opinion, another member is getting inadequate or misguided advice by a mental health professional, it is acceptable to suggest that the member discuss alternatives with that professional. However, it is dangerous and expressly prohibited in these forums to advise anyone to ignore or to counteract medical or other mental health advice given by a mental health professional who is in a better position to know the full history and circumstances of that individual.