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  1. Professional to professional section

    It has been a long time since I posted and for no other reason than I have been so very busy. In my work, I have come up against several new cases of sever cases with young people and very serious problems. I think it would be a real asset on this board to have a place where professionals could post no-name cases and get some suggestions. What do you think?

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    Professional to professional section

    Hi, Dennis:

    I think that's not a bad idea - perhaps a "group membership" forum where entry is restricted to practicing clinicians?

  3. Professional to professional section

    Sure sounds good to me. I think when you are in our field, the more help and suggestions from other professionals, the better. Just had to put a 15 year old in custody after he pulled a knife on a group of high school students who he thought was bugging him and they claim to not know him.

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    Professional to professional section

    See "Practitioners' Discussion Group" at bottom of main index page - I've added you to the group.



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