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Thread: Professional to professional section

  1. Professional to professional section

    It has been a long time since I posted and for no other reason than I have been so very busy. In my work, I have come up against several new cases of sever cases with young people and very serious problems. I think it would be a real asset on this board to have a place where professionals could post no-name cases and get some suggestions. What do you think?

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  3. Professional to professional section

    Hi, Dennis:

    I think that's not a bad idea - perhaps a "group membership" forum where entry is restricted to practicing clinicians?

  4. Professional to professional section

    Sure sounds good to me. I think when you are in our field, the more help and suggestions from other professionals, the better. Just had to put a 15 year old in custody after he pulled a knife on a group of high school students who he thought was bugging him and they claim to not know him.

  5. Professional to professional section

    See "Practitioners' Discussion Group" at bottom of main index page - I've added you to the group.

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