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Thread: Recommended reading

  1. Recommended reading

    If you go to the main PsychLinks website at and click on the index, you'll find a list of topics.

    Click on the topic of interest (e.g., depression, grief, anxiety, stress, relationships, parenting, etc.) and you'll be taken to that topic page. Then scroll down the page about half way and you'll find a list of recommended books for the topic.

    If you have any suggestions for additional websites or books for any of the topics on the website, please let me know:

    - here in the forums
    - via Private Message or email from this forum
    - click on "Add URL" or "Contact Us" in the navigation links at the top of any page on the main website

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    Recommended reading

    Dr. - have you read Quantum Healing by Dr. Deepak Chopra - all about the mind-body connection?

    Fascinating .....!


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    Recommended reading

    A book I am eager to read was featured on the CBC program Hot Type with Evan Soloman. The book is Animals in Translation by author Temple Grandin. She is a woman with autism who overcame her disorder to become an authority on animal behaviour.

    She explains how seeing in pictures allows her to understand how animals think.

    Info on CBC Hot Type

    Dum spiro spero....While I breathe, I hope

    Tourette Canada Forum

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