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  1. Greetings from the GTA

    It you are from where I am, you know what the GTA is. If you are not, well, the GTA is the Greater Toronto Area and that is where I live.

    I was looking for a site where I could get some help with a distressing problem (at least to me) and I ended up here. So far I have posted a joke, butI haven't gotten around to expressing my mental health issue yet because I don't know where to put it! I could put it under "depression", I suppose, or "anxiety", or maybe even "post traumatic"! My life has been full of trauma and I wonder why I am still here.......

    I am a moderator at another forum and I enjoy corresponding with people from other countries such as Australia, the British Isles, Argentina and India, to name a few. We have members from all over the globe actually, even Tasmania! With the Northern Hemisphere members on summer vacation, my site has been a bit quiet, which is another reason why I have been looking around for other sites.

    I'm 52, an administrative assistant with an insurance company and I have a twin sister who lives about 3400 miles away from me. We correspond almost every day on MSN, though.

    That's enough about me for now. I am going to take a look around and figure out where to post my difficulty.......

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    Greetings from the GTA

    Welcome, jubjub:

    I for one do know the GTA - I have 3 sisters and several neices and nephews living there, in fact. Greeting from the MOA (metro Ottawa area).

    As for your post, feel free to post it wherever you like - I can always moce it if I think it would be better placed somewhere else.

  3. Greetings from the GTA

    Thanks for the welcome! My former office manager comes from Nepean, which I understand is not far from Ottawa.

    This is a very interesting site. I am looking around for a problem similar to mine, and I can't seem to find one. It's embarrassing to me and extremely difficult for me to put into words. I guess I am from the "old school" where questions such as mine were best left unanswered!

    As soon as I screw up my courage, I will post my problem. Maybe it's not as crazy as it seems to me.......

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    Greetings from the GTA

    Actually, since amalgamation, Nepean is part of Ottawa - much to the chagrine of some of the citizens of Nepean who used to enjoy good city management and a budget surplus and now have the usual city councel and a deficit.

    Take your time, jubjub - look around and make yourself at home - you'll be ready when you're ready.



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