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    Problems with Registration, Account Activation, or Password?

    This forum has a two stage process for verifying new accounts. First, once you register an email is sent to the account you used for registration. You must respond by clicking on (or going to) the link contained in the email to verify that you have entered a valid and functional email address. Second, once you have completed the email verification, your account must be activated by an Administrator.

    This added precaution is an attempt to weed out spammers and other michief-makers and to preserve our forum community as a safe place for our members.

    If you do not receive the email verification message and/or the subsequent notification that your account has not been activated, this will almost always be because
    • you entered an invalid email address and the welcome message bounced back to me at admin @ to alert me -- if this happens, you will now be listed in the "Bugs, Problems, Invalid email" section -- see the bottom of the main index page
    • the information you entered when you registered contained something else not permitted on this forum: for example, an offensive member name (your account will be deleted), a link to an offensive website (the link will be deleted; the account may be deleted), or something else judged likely to offend or cause distress to one or more of our members
    • the forum administrator has not yet had a chance to review your registration and activate the account

    If your account hasn't been activated and you want to know why or you don't think you've violated any rules and can't understand why the account hasn't been activated, email me at admin @ (remove the spaces before and after @).

    Special instructions for Yahoo!, HotMail, and Gmail email addresses:
    Sometimes, even with a valid email address, if you are using one of the free email accounts such as Yahoo!, your email may not be delivered. We are attempting to track down the reason for this. However, in the meantime, one solution that works for some members is to add the address admin @ (remove the spaces before and after @) to your address book as a way of informing the free provider that email from this address is not spam.
    Last edited by David Baxter; October 10th, 2006 at 09:47 AM. Reason: Updated to vBulletin

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    Can't log in?

    If you are unable to log in to the new version of the forum, request a new password ( see Lost Passwordand see if that helps (make sure your registered email address is valid!). If not, email me with a preferred password to reset it manually.

    If you are a new member (i.e., you registered after August 20, since the upgrade to vBulletin), please see I registered but my account wasn't activated - why??? .

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    Re: Can't log in?

    Now, that was a pain in the butt. But I got it to work obviously.
    The hardest thing you can do is smile when you are ill, in pain, or depressed. But this no-cost remedy is a necessary first half-step if you are to start on the road to recovery.? Allen Klein

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    Re: Can't log in?

    I know it's an inconvenience but I think when you get used to the software you'll appreciate its features.

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    Re: Can't log in?

    I cannot log in through netscape/aol. I have cleared out cookies and it still won't work. I'm using IE which I usually use, but sometimes I like to use netscape because I can hide it better.

  6. Re: Can't log in?


    Its logged in and hopefully will post too!!! Fingers Crossed!!

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    Re: Can't log in?

    Good to see you finally made it here, TTE!

    Janet, I don't use Netscape anymore but be aware that there may be more than one cookie for the forum now - log out manually first, then find ALL cookies and delete them and try again.

  8. Talking Re: Can't log in?

    so am I!! I think I need a holiday after all that!!

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    Re: Can't log in?


    I am also glad to see that you have now made it to the "other side" safely

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    Re: Can't log in?

    Thanks to TTE's struggles, I believe I've determined what the login problem is now. I've posted over at the vBulletin support forum for a mass solution, so I don't have to manually change 2900 profiles

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