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  1. Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    i think it may have been manipulation on her part, rimh. to keep you from leaving therapy.
    ~ our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall - confucius
    ~ it is the journey, not the destination, that matters
    ~ keep hanging on, the sun will come shining through for you again

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    Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    thatswhat i was wondering too.....rimh

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    Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    I definitely think that it was a manipulation on her part trying to tell you that you were getting better so that you would not terminate therapy with her.

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    Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    l just happened on this topic and funny enough, l was at the Psychiatrist yesterday, and l am not sure that many on here know me as l don't post much as l read more, but l come out of the Dr.s office feeling much worse, crying and depressed more, then l do going in to see her. l dread the visits and l have severe anxiety just sitting with her. l don't like her and l don't like talking to her, but she is the only Dr. within the rural area so l have no choice but to see her.

    Anyways, l just went through a very nasty separation/breakup with a live in boyfriend who decided a week before Xmas to ask my Daughter and to leave and a week before the Anniversary of my third Child's Death in Dec, so we had no choice but to go to a Women's Shelter, start over, which brought us to where we are now, and my Daughter is leaving at the end of the School Year to move back to Ottawa to go to school (University) and l will live alone and l have abandonment issues (severe) from childhood abuse that l am working on, PTSD, Panic and Anxiety issues and to make this short, l am not doing so hot since l was put on a drug that was not working for me and l was swinging up and down, from extremely depressed to so filled with panic my Agoraphobia was in full bloom and anxiety attacks were a common thing, and in talking with the Psychiatrist, l know l was doing terribly, much worse then last year at this time when things seemed much more stable and l could think much more clearly and yesterday at the visit, l was crying and unable to stop as l was full of panic and anxiety and l looked at her and said l feel hopeless and her reply to me was "You are doing so much better now and l can see so much improvement!"

    l just looked at her like she was nuts and l mean nuts. l think l was sitting on the wrong side of the desk at that point. She was smiling and l had both hands full of Kleenex, crying more then l used to because my life seems to be crumbling all around me and she is telling me how much better l am doing.

    When l told my Therapist that, she just stared at me and asked me to repeat it and again said, "You are sure she said that to you?"

    My own Therapist told me that over the Xmas season l fell apart emotionally having to leave everything behind me and going to the women's shelter and starting over with nothing and emotionally l was just a shell of the person she knew, that she had to start working over with emotionally and was completely taken back, so that comes back to the question, how does one know when do you know or does the Dr. know when you are getting better?


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    Easy - don't think when you'll get better - just get better!

    Here is my case how it brought about the change-

    I realized that I was not doing well and was totally out of track some four years back. I didn?t face any major episode or something of that kind but my overall progress in professional life took me to health care professional. My tests revealed multitude of problems.

    In my course of treatment I protested several times to my consultant that it wasn?t going direction desired to me. I was averse to medication as I found myself pretty stable to tackle the situation without. In a very critical stage of my profession I felt that medication was actually stopping me from performing, I chose to abandon the treatment with a heated argument with my consultant. Total time frame of my incomplete therapy was around 5-6 months.

    In course of treatment, my consultant gave me exercises to realize what?s actually happening and how to handle that. That time I didn?t realize how important that was.

    Today, looking back, I feel I learnt heavens in that period and I am going to take all my learning with me for lifetime. One of the major was thinking rational and positive. As they said rational thinking gets into habit and later one doesn?t have to do it intentionally. Today I find myself stable even more than people around me and do my part to keep situation calm and progressive. Its three years to my last visit to the consultant and in last year I have achieved substantially in my professional life. Needless to say what I did three years back is showing up very gradually but in a sure-shot manner.
    Just a couple of weeks back I visited my consultant just like that. She was very happy to see me and we had very lively conversation. That ?free-willed? visit erased all the uncomfortable feeling I had about the whole process of therapy, even without discussing it.

    It's not just that I myself felt the change. People around me find me at good mood and respond in supportive manner.

    For this thread of discussion- it?s perfectly possible to know the change occurred after therapy. And this ?after? might come after a long time but then it's all worth waiting for. My experience says - one should make it point to concentrate on his/her own well being and behavior than ?how much have therapy progressed?.
    A L

  6. Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    Very useful article. Thanks.

  7. Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    A very good article! For someone like me, who has had many depressive episodes seperated by many normal, happy periods it gets really confusing and scary to think about "When do I know I'm getting better?" But I have seen so many people on here talk about how they stuck with therapy for years and years, and I'm hoping some day if I stick with it I will be secure enough in life to think about life without a therapist!

    *fingers crossed!*

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    Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    Sometimes other people can see you getting better before you do. Also sometimes when a person begins therapy they can become more depressed as they go deeper into their issues but then as they work them through they begin to feel better. Also at times once the medication begins to work people feel more energy and motivation which helps them feel less helpless and more in control which decreases depression

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    Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    I really enjoyed reading this thread... It caused me to do a lot of reflection...

    This may be off point... I feel I am doing better... and that disturbs me... I am afraid of getting better... getting better means more responsibility... and that scares me... Sometimes I feel like cutting... just to sabotage everything...

    "intentionally Christ-obsessed in ALL things..."

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    Re: Getting Better: How do you know?

    Sigh... sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

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