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Thread: Help with Participants

  1. Help with Participants

    Hello all!!!

    I'm an MSc Health Psychology student who really needs and would appreciate your help!!!

    I need 200 participants to complete my thesis questionnaire which focuses on the links between personality, stress and eating behaviour. It only takes 10mins, please do not be scared off by the length of the first part of the questionnaire as it all gets smaller!!!

    To those of you who want to fill it in, you can find it online at:

    Please don't forget to press the submit button once you are finished.

    Many thanks to all of you who decide to take part, your help is really appreciated!!!

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    Help with Participants

    Done. I found the wording of some of the questions difficult -- not enough choices and/or no option for none of the above.

    But it's only about 10 minutes out of your day...



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