Hello all

I am summerblaze and I moderate a forum called the Quest for Truth


What is discussed there is a another component of personal development

(a) Fabric of Reality- How our reality is contructed
(b) Belief Change - Beliefs help us make contsructions of what we see
(c) Consciousness and Subtle Energies - Self Explanatory
(d) Emotional Freedom
(e) Cybernetics and Goal Setting
(f) Boot Camp and Applied Camps
(g) Free Newsletters and Free Ebooks
(h) Free One to One Coaching

I have been into this for the last 8 years or so and have learned how artifical intelligence works and almost every part of the subjects in the world to form a simple but powerful model of achieving our dreams.

I thank David for letting me put this here..Psychology is an extremely important component of personal development if its goal oriented..means if people dont only approach it for seeking relief but use it to release the brakes toi move forward.