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Thread: Wonderful Place

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    Wonderful Place

    After looking around on Google I found this forum and I'm happy to find serious but helpful people still around these days.
    I'm kind of shy but I hope to be posting some on here. I usually don't do well with forums as they just get too busy or die after a bit but I think I'll like it here. I've read a few posts before signing up and, like I said before, I'm happy people here are so nice and helpful and supportive. It makes me feel welcome... even before I signed up.

    About me? Well, I'm 17, going 18. My favorite hobby is drawing cartoons. I'm a senior this year at my school, which, in my own opinion, feels no different then any other year in High School.

    I hope to enjoy my stay here.

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    Wonderful Place

    Welcome, MMJ. It's nice to have you aboard. Please post as often as you like. We definitely try our best to be helpful! :-)

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    Wonderful Place

    Let me second that welcome, MMJ -- I'm pleased that you found your way here...

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    Wonderful Place

    Thank you. I'm pleased as well and quite happy too.

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    Wonderful Place

    Hi MMJ (although we have 'spoken' earlier :))

    You sound much older than 17, (although I think maybe I did when I was 17 too, ha ha ha mom always told me I was 'old-headed' :D)

    I hope you continue to find your place here... :)

  6. Wonderful Place

    Welcome, MMJ. Glad you decided to join us here. There are lots of interesting things to discover here and we are always willing to help with any questions you might have. See you around!

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    Wonderful Place

    Hi MMJ, sorry I have taken so long to welcome you to this terrific forum.

    The great thing about forums when you are shy, no one knows who you really are ;>) I think once you step in you will do fine, and will meet some terrific people in here.

    I hope to get to know you, and that you stay around. I'm not in as much right now due to some courses on web design that are taking up a good bit of my time, but I do so look forward to learning about you when you are comfortable posting.

    And I think its pretty cool that you drawl cartoons. i have encouraged all my children to drawl at one point in their lives or another. They all have a talent for drawling silly things, and neat things. Drawing, and even writing etc.. are great ways to express yourself. Have you ever done any painting? Or do you just stick with the drawing?



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