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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    Please, please, please can anybody out there give me any advice or signpost any good websites - I'm desperate for some relief from the way I'm feeling, it's like I'm living in a nightmare. I had a sub-total thyroidectomy in July 04 for Graves Disease and since my operation I have never felt so wretched. I am struggling to cope. I am a 31 year old lone parent with a highly demanding and busy job who used to be lively and outgoing but is now so exhausted that the smallest task feel's like an uphill struggle. No matter how much I sleep or rest, I NEVER feel rested, just perpetually exhausted. I have become withdrawn and depressed. I get in from work between 6 and 6.30 and go to bed between 7 and 8 EVERY night. I have lost all interest in food, actually I've lost interest in EVERYTHING! I am so scared that I'm going to lose my job - I can't concentrate or think clearly I can barely function. I am constantly cold, frequently wearing a minimum of 2 jumpers no matter how well heated the room. My relationship with my daughter is suffering because I can't take her swimming or cycling anymore. My GP put me on 50mcg Levothyroxine in August because my FT4 levels were a bit on the low side but since then (September 04) my FT4 levels have apparently dropped further = 4.7 pmol/L and my TSH is 4.1 mU/L. I don't know how long I can go on like this for. I need some help :-(

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    Hi welcome to the forum Badger73
    I'm also from England, from Birmingham.

    I have underactive thyroid too (although it is from auto-immune Hashimoto's disease), but I know exactly what you are talking about.
    It's awful isn't it?
    I can't even walk very much at the moment.. but my TSH levels were very high last autumn, off the scale apparently, 99+...and it's been a battle ever since to get it right.
    I understand about not being able to do stuff with your daughter... I have an 11 and 14 year old, and it is very frustrating. :(

    I wonder if it's time for you to go up another 50mcg per day?
    I am on between 150-200 mcg daily (we're trying to determine which presently)..

    I do have some links to useful sites..
    (this has a good section about thyroid disease- it is a forum which I post on too)

    I hope these help.. :)

    Keep in touch when you can ((hug))

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    Hi, badger...

    I can't shed any light on why your thyroxin levels are dropping other than that obviously you may need to speak to your physicians about either increasing the dose or doing further tests to determine what's happening.

    However, you may find some more information at one of these sites:

    and at momof5's forum -- she has a section on thyroid issues:

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    seems we posted at the same time :D
    When that happens I wonder what determines whose post comes up first. Is it 'seconds,' because it can't be alphabetical order, in this situation.. ha ha,

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    I think they gave the tie to you, Sammy, because you had "local" (UK) information... ;o)

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    Thank you, thank you all. It was a real comfort when I peeked in just before bed to see if anyone had replied to my post and I read what you guys had to say - thank you! Had meeting with endocrine specialist on Thursday and you were right - he's increased my medication to 100 mcg - no surprise to some of you, obviously! Found it really hard to express just how debilitating I have found my symptoms to be and to be honest don't think he was particularly interested - as long as he IS interested in treating me, I guess I shouldn't be too bothered by the lack of warmth or empathy, eh?! Have not, as yet, noticed any real difference in my symptoms but I guess it's early days. 2-3wkly blood tests and further increases in dosage if necessary are the 'doctor's orders' so I'm hoping that I will start to feel better soon. I sincerely hope so as I have suffered from depression before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have historically become severely depressed in the autumn/winter months - don't need that blessed thyroid making matters worse. Just wish someone had explained that hypothyroidism doesn't just mean you feel the cold and put on a bit of weight - what an understatement!!

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    An understatement indeed.... but I'm glad to hear the doctor took some action and, yes, as long as he does what is necessary I guess you can live without his empathy or compassion...

    Let us know what progress you make, Badger.

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    Developing hypothyroidism?

    Quote Originally Posted by badger73
    Found it really hard to express just how debilitating I have found my symptoms to be and to be honest don't think he was particularly interested
    yes, I know that one :(

    as long as he IS interested in treating me, I guess I shouldn't be too bothered by the lack of warmth or empathy,
    true- it's just the last thing you need sometimes when you've dragged your weary body to a doctors office for 5 minutes of being talked down to.
    You are dependent on the good old N.H.S, like me, I suppose.
    It does make such a difference finding a good doctor.
    My present one is good...she listens, and she speaks to me as an equal... but...(oh dear), she doesn't seem to know much about hypo-thyroidism.

    I left her some print-outs previously, about current research and treatment , but I don't know if she will read them...

    Glad you have had your dose raised, but you may not feel improvement for a week or two... but I'm sure it will come :)

  10. hypothyroidism


    I just discovered this forum a few days ago so thought I would join. My husband was diagnosed with underactive thyroid a few months ago and started taking levothyroxine and was starting to get better, however suddenly he started to feel worse. Now he is on 225mg of this tablet and is no different but blood tests etc show now sign of taking too much. All the info on the internet says that the cure is to take the medication, but doesn't explain what happens when the medication doesn't work!! So I'm very worried at the moment and wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

    Do you know what else can help this condition? The doctor doesn't really know much and I wondered if diet, lifestyle (like work) affects the condition and should a sufferer take things easy or carry on as normal?

    I empathise with everyone as I suffered from ME a few years ago (which is similar) so I understand it's more than feeling a bit tired! I would be very grateful if anyone can direct me to any good websites/or have any advice! At the moment my husband can't live life to the full and is starting to get depressed and he's only 21.

    Many thanks!!


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