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    Re: Ending therapy: How to figure out when it's time

    I have been thinking about this again.I am glad I posted about it because I really do feel much better about it.

    I guess it would only be natural to see my therapist as a father figure,a good father figure,especially considering the type of father I had.I think the shame I was feeling was because he is my therapist,not my dad,but I wish he could be.I am a grown woman and wish that,and it felt wrong to me.

    I suppose anyone in my shoes would have a hard time letting go.

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    Re: Ending therapy: How to figure out when it's time

    Quote Originally Posted by LIT View Post
    I could very easily just not go back at all,just cancel the next session I have and not schedule another one,because I know he is still there and I could call and schedule at any time,if I needed to or wanted to.But to devote a couple/few sessions on saying goodbye and actually ending it,I don't think I can do that.
    That's exactly what I did,I cancelled and haven't been back.

    It feels wrong that I did it,without an explanation or anything really,except to say I will eventually be back.

    I am okay with not going,I am managing on my own just fine,maybe not perfectly,but good enough.I don't even have the desire to schedule a session.I like knowing,and feel comforted,that he is there if I should need him.

    I don't want to end therapy yet I also don't want to go.All I want right now is for him to just be there,in case I need him.I want to move forward with my life now,without his help,yet I want him to be my safety net.Is that wrong to do?

  3. Re: Ending therapy: How to figure out when it's time

    I do not think it is wrong to want to keep a safety net for yourself LIT
    I think that if you talk to your therapist just send a msg to let him know just what you said here your therapist would understand as well
    Words always stay inside ones soul

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    Re: Ending therapy: How to figure out when it's time

    Maybe I should at least let him know what I am feeling.I guess I do owe him that much after all these years of help.

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    Actually,I think I am just going to leave things as they are,I already told him I will eventually be back, so I don't really need to explain.I am assuming(hoping) he knows me well enough to already know/understand anyway.

    And I have decided I am not going to feel bad about this or worry maybe I am doing this the 'wrong' way anymore.I am doing what I feel is best/easiest for myself and that's okay,that's a good thing,not a bad thing.

    He did tell me to go back whenever I am ready,and right now I'm not.I don't know if or when I will,but I like knowing I am welcome to whenever I want/need to.

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