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Thread: Hello to all

  1. Hello to all

    Just taking a moment to introduce myself and thank the admin for the welcoming memo.

    Although I'm currently working on an MS in psychology, I found this forum while seeking help and advice on a problem brought to me by a friend. After reading several posts by the members, I found sufficient counsel without having to post the specifics.

    I look forward to reading all of the topics posted by "David" and all of the members of this forum. Thank you for making it possible, and for the help you gave already through your postings.

    Linda in Texas

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    Hello to all

    Hi Linda- welcome!
    I'm posting at this time as I live in must be up late (or early :)) there in Texas...
    Look forward to reading your posts... :)

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    Hello to all

    Let me second that welcome, Linda -- I'm also intrigued by the "forensicpsychologist" part...

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    Hello to all

    Hi Linda, welcome!

    Wow, your job sounds really neat! Forensicpsychologist, what exactly do they do? I'm a big court tv watcher, so I look at a good deal of shows where they do the investigations. I find it to be totally interesting. And am in awe of anyone who can do things like that.

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    Hello to all

    Welcome, Linda. Interesting occupation. I was thinking of a job in forensics at a later date!
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