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$4 Million Raised For Schizophrenia Research at Napa Music Festival
October 03, 2007

We've covered the Napa Music Festival for Mental Health in the past - and we're happy to report that the success of the fund-raiser continued this year.

The Napa valley newspaper reports that

"By any standard, the 13th Staglin Family Music Festival for Mental Health was a huge success.

During the September event, 500 donors and friends raised more than $4 million for research into the causes of mental disease and potential cures. The total raised so far by the event is now more than $53 million including direct gifts and leveraged grants. It?s America?s most successful wine charity event without an auction."​
To read the full report on the fund raiser (which is a good model for others that could be held around the world to raise money for schizophrenia research): Staglin Festival raises more than $4 million

More information: Press Release on the Music Festival

For more information on the Annual Fund-raiser: The Music Festival for Mental Health
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