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My friend told me he sometimes goes out to a field and beats himself in the legs and abdomen. He said that he does it because he needs to be punished and also because it gets out a lot of his anger. The other day we were playing a video game and he was getting really mad so he went into his closet and pulled out a long cardboard box and beat it against the wall for about 10 seconds. He said that he kept it because he used it for that type of thing. It was half laughing and half anger. I am a genius, and I think he is about 10 pegs above me, so I just have a hard time giving him advice because he is so smart. I think mostly he is alone, and I feel like I cant help him because I cant relate to his intelligence as much. Any advice?
Maybe just letting him know constantly but not too much tht you are there for him if he ever needs a hand because this probleme is not easyto beat the feeling of reliefe that comes after hurting oneself is so southing really has to be him in a way that decides that makes the final decision on wether to stop but you can tell him your point of vieu from time to time tell him that it worries you and soon he will realise that it not only impacts his way of life but others as well just let him know that you are there and if he can't oen up to you or any of his other friends there is other resoources at his disosal remind him that there is always help when he is ready for it it will be there and that sometime are harder than others
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