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There is a tree that grows in south east asia called Mitragyna Speciosa aka Kratom.People are starting to use this herb as an alternative to treat opiate addiction,it is recieveing high praises by the many users of this plant for helping them overcome thier addictions and people who are suffering pain through illness have reported excellent effects with pain management.The plant works on opiate receptors in the brain,it is reported to be more efficient then Morphine.I decided to research this plant myself to see what the hype was about and guess what happened...I have become dependant on the plant,i get mild and uncomfortable withdrawals the same as weak opiates.So people are replacing thier opiate addictions and replaceing them with another,they believe that as it`s natural and contains no opiate substances within it that it must be better,wrong.It is sold as insence as not to attract attention to its uses but i fear it is a growing industry that is claiming many of it`s users to becoming addicts to this new drug.
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were saying this herb was creating problems for you. I was just suggesting that maybe your doctor could help you with that. I misunderstood your post I think.


No i`m sorry,I sounded rude in my reply.Yes it has created a small problem which i shall addresss myself as i`ve been down the road of treatment before and don`t want to be taking meds again.What i was trying to highlight was this new alternative drug that i believe comes with all the same problems as the drugs it replaces,as it becomes popular i think we shall see more of it in the news and i`m sure in the end it will become illegal as it has in it`s native countries of Thailand,Malaysia and Mayanmar.I thank you for your concern though and i do apologise if i snapped back to your reply.


guess what happened...I have become dependent on the plant
This might be something you want to discuss with your doctor.
And why would i want to do that? Can you elaborate

I think Janet's suggestion is appropriate if you are interested in getting help overcoming addiction.

However is your point that you began Kratom to experiment with its effects, or to try using it as a substitute for something else, for pain relief or to withdraw from something else?

IAC if your desire is to overcome addiction, as Janet alludes to, your physician, particularly a specialist with expertise in addiction would be your best resource.
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