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A national report on the needs of adults with Asperger Syndrome
by Richard Wilson

Author: Beardon, Luke
Subject: Mental disorders, Mental health services
Source: ASPECT, 2007

A nationwide study into adults with Asperger Syndrome (AS) surveyed more than 200 people with the condition about their needs and experiences. The report discovered that individuals are having major problems trying to get their condition diagnosed, with the average age of diagnosis being 29, and even after diagnosis, as many as 86 per cent said that they received no support or not enough support from their health authority.


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I don't mean to comment on every thread in here, but I felt like I had to add that I've heard from many parents that autism is a bad dx to get here in the US, in terms of as soon as they hear that, they don't cover much treatment for it. On a lot of insurances ABA is considered experimental and not covered at all. I have noticed that often some speech therapy sessions seem to be covered. But anyway, some people intentionally put off getting the formal autism dx because they knew it is not well covered.


Thanks TSOW :) That's sweet. :) OK if you insist... because this topic interests me a lot and I hear about it ALL the time! Once someone has someone with autism in their family each family becomes an expert and is really a plethora of information so now I like to talk about it too.
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