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Hi everyone,
My name is Abi; I’m a 2nd year student from London, studying Early Childhood Studies. I’m new to this forum; I have an essay to write- the essay is about counselling children. I am finding it so hard and challenging.

I have discussed Humanistic (Maslow & Rogers), Cognitive (Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis), Psychodynamics (Freud) and Behavioural approach (Skinner and Bandura) to the best of my knowledge. I am also finding it difficult to link it to a school setting. For example, how a teacher would apply different approaches when counselling children (5-8years old). And I’m also to evaluate the effectiveness and use in terms of the approaches. Please!!! Someone help me.


Hi Abi, welcome!

Have you looked into 'A Place to Be'? It's an organisation that offers counselling in schools.

You might be interested in reading Winnicott and Klein, from the psychodynamic perspective.
Also PSHE circle time activities etc.

Play therapy! [Winnicott's 'squiggles', etc etc....]

Role play. Using stories.

Positive reinforcement connected with Roger's UPR.
Freud - creative and destructive drive.
Psychodynamic/analytic interpretations - verbalising observations - I do this with my flatmates' baby e.g. 'You're really cross and sad.' etc as the child whacks a toy against the table, for example.

.. creating a safe space...

.. You can't tell I'm an ex teacher who's also studied integrative psychotherapy, can you????!!!

If you need any further help, you're welcome to pm me. :)
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