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Some days I can except my self the way Iam and just keep telling my self that Im not fat Im just normal and some days I feel like an over weight cow. some days my clothes look good and seem to fit and some day its just all horrible.. But lately I've been more concerned about taking care of my great grandmother rather then dealing with my self. Im sure everyone else has this problem?


Hi! I think just about every woman I know sometimes feels crappy after looking at herself in the mirror. However, I think for some people it just happens sometimes and doesn't have as much of an affect on them as it does on others. In fact, I would say that the majority of women care about how they look, but won't resort to really harmful methods because of it. Unfortunately, some of us become obsessed with our bodies and make them measurements of how good we are as people.
But, for you to feel fat sometimes - no, I wouldn't say that that's abnormal. However, if it's causing you much anxiety then you should look at some good ways to cope with it (therapy, etc).
Sorry to any men out there who have body image issues. I wasn't trying to make it sound like men can't feel the same way. I'm just commenting on my experiences and the people I know.
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