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i know it sounds quite lame or pathetic i am the first to tell people how dangerous it is and how we must stop them all but i am so hooked to them as well i feel that that is the only place i am accepted that people understand me for who i am and not just some poor disease but at the same time i know as i chat with these other people i am slowly falling deeper into my restrictions but i just don't know how to let go i feel that i need it to feel i am worth something that i have a reason to be this way.. i want to stop cause now i am with a guy "boyfriend" and i just don't want to be anorexic anymore (yeah anorexic ) i guess i can't deny it my whole life .. but i just don't know how to step away from these sites they make me feel so normal!
yours truly


Re: addicted to pro sites

H! I hope you step away from these sites and be who you are and not what they want you to be. Are there other more positive sites you could look at? I am wishing you well. Mari
Re: addicted to pro sites

what about sites that are there for people recovering from eating disorders? could you replace your pro sites with those. it would still be a place where you would be understood and where people could relate to you.
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