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From speaking with my therapist weve established that what happened has had a negative effect on me. But now im beginng to think the effect is not that great, im starting to think that my mum and cousin are right in saying i should put it into a box and forget about it.- not necessiarly that because i know thats not possible at this stage, but im wondering whether im making a big deal out of this or not. In my view the past has only affected my relationships with men; which is not something that is on my mind at all. It used to be but now ive sort of accepted and given up. I dont see it as a big deal. My therapist has asked me to write down what happened in specifics ( because i cant say what happend),I dont see how going into specifics of what i rember can help how iam now, i think ive just gone this way somehow, but not due to the past event. I would hate to bring back more flashbacks and memories. I hope I havent confused you here too much...

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It is sometimes difficult to remember details of a person's history after a bit of an absence (or at my age on a bad day after about 10 minutes or a phone call to interrupt me!). However, I seem to remember some details about a troubled relationship with a somewhat manipulative mother.

If you are saying that your past only affects your relationships with men and you've given up on that so it doesn't matter, I'd suggest that your therapist is correct. And if what I remember about your previous posts is even partly accurate, I'd say past events are affecting more than just your relationship with men.
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