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    Donna Satchell, posted by littlerabbit


Aug 26, 2011
I printed the anger worksheet and found it very interesting. My biggest trigger is when people call me crazy when they are not able to get me to do or say something that they want so they lash out at the fact that I suffer from mental illness and say that there is something wrong with me or else I would do what they ask or agree with what they say.

Usually in that situation I create distance and am unlikely to reconnect. That is something that I consider unforgiveable...especially people that say they don't mind that I have a mental illness pretend to be my friend and then throw it in my face....

The only exception is in a work situation where I am forced to interact with the person but I do so coldly and mechanically...I never warm up to them again...

I will work through the anger worksheet with past situations and see what else I can learn about myself.

Thanks for posting it...very helpful...I have been looking for ways of working through, processing and expressing anger in a productive and healthy way...
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