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I have been wondering during this latest relapse of mine whether I'm more anorexic or bulimic...and whether it really matters.

I'm comfortable with the generic term "eating disorder", but since the labels are out there, I feel a need to know.

Back when I was diagnose with anorexia, I purged occasionally (particularly when I had to eat around people) and sometimes I "pigged out" on a few teaspoons of fat free frozen yogurt and then threw up.

Now I still purge...much more often than before...I feel like restricting would be easier if my family weren't around watching. I try to eat normally in front of them and then throw up (when I can't pretend I have eaten). I want my parents to think things are ok, so I don't skip meals when they're around. I'm at around 85% of my "ideal" body weight, but I feel like I'm more prone to eating more than I'd like to, even when my parents aren't watching and then throwing up. I'm afraid it's becoming more of a concern for me, and unfortunately I can't seem to find any other way of coping with what I eat other than purging.

If I really do have a binge-eating impulse problem, then I'd like to be able to address that. Is it common for people's eating disorders to evolve into something else if there's a change in environments? LIke in my case, I think the reason I'm purging more now is because I'm always surrounded by people and purging is easier to hide than a blatant refusal to eat. Does that make me bulimic now?

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I'm not really an expert on eating disorders but my impression is that many people both restrict and purge.

In fact, for many people, a diagnosis doesn't necessarily fit like a glove. That's why every listed disorder has a "Not Otherwise Specified" (NOS), meaning that the individual doesn't meet the full criteria or meets the criteria for more than one diagnosis in that category (there's a post in the Eating Disorders Forum here about Eating Disorders NOS).

The best therapy is always at least somewhat individualized anyway. Just make sure that you provide your therapist with all the relevant facts and symptoms so s/he can provide the best therapy for your individual circumstances.

Added: that thread is EDNOS - Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified - Psychlinks Psychology and Self-Help Forum
I don't know about my therapist - I don't think he thinks the behaviours are important. He talks about emotional issues, but sometimes I just want to deal with the behaviour. I can't seem to control myself - I get so upset when I eat anything. I feel so fat I want to die. One more kilo down doesn't make a difference. I can't get my life together. I don't have a future. And I definitely won't have one if I can't even get over my issues with food. And I'm sick of trying to please my family. I refused to go down to dinner today because I ate too much at lunch. I'm sick of trying to please them. I don't care if they hate me.


LGB: I don't think families "hate" those that are experiencing ed's or any other type of psychological issue. I think they sometimes get frustrated and feel helpless, and the person with the e.d. may translate that feeling into "hate". Sometimes it's easier to perpetuate the behavior with the belief that they hate us, than to realize they don't and to face the work ahead for us to recover. If we aren't ready to change, then we don't want to be confronted with that unconditional acceptance, of ourselves and by ourselves. That would completely upset the "balance of power" we have created for ourselves. And, no, I don't think it matters which disorder you are battling. Me, I primarily battle bulemia. When I was younger, it was anorexia AND bulemia. The difference between the two is not necessarily WHY we di it, but the EFFECTS it has on us, psychologically, emotionally and physically. You really should google both diseases, and look at the long term effects of these. From bulemia, I have a repressed "gag" reflex (which really BITES, when I have a nasty stomach flu bug) and damaged teeth, along the gumline, coupled with exceptionally sensitive teeth. Funny thing is, I am a fat woman; I haven't lost a POUND from my bulemia in months. I'm even lousy at having an eating disorder! (LOL!):rolleyes:
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