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Im going through another one of my depression cycles. I hate it. I can't even tell you why or whats bothering me. I wish I knew. And i have noticed that all my exercising has improved in my attitude and mood. But I still get these cycles. I don't know what causes them. Like right now im feeling tired, on edge, aggitated, I want to be self destructive.. :(
i suggest going outside, if its sunny, just lie on the grass. I'f its cold, wrap up really warmly. When your out there, close your eyes and focus on your other senses for a while, the heat, the wind, the smells. spend alot of time wondering about things.. little bugs, clouds, tree bark, grass, find something that you can wonder about, something to change your environment, and get your head onto something else. relax. Feel the dirt, cold or warm. smell the dusky wet bark, or the sandy heat. (I really don't know what the weather is like, can you tell?) ;)
just use your senses rather than thinking.
try it, try to conect with whats around you. You may find it uplifting.
I have done that before it was really relaxing. Problem is, is that Its way to cold here and it very muddy. I live on a ranch all dirt..


wow. reading what phoenix wrote totally makes me want to go outside and do that- only problem is I think it's raining and it's dark. and in the middle of the night. right. anyways, it's a really good idea though, even if you can't do it literally, try creating your own kind of "outside" inside- I guess that's the idea of a spa and aromatherapy and that kind of thing... or find a room where the sun can shine in (assuming you have sun) and go from there... or taking a drive and stopping at a really nice area out in the country, just by yourself, to get the same sort of connection but you won't be freezing cold.. another thing I have done before is to do a collage or something similar, you could use really nice and relaxing pictures, calmful things or you could even make on to express how you're feeling at the moment. I don't know if you're into this sort of thing but it can be a nice way of expressing yourself. keep on going w/ the exercises, they seem to help you... even if they won't "fix" the depression, any bit of lifting up helps...


yes, beautifully said, Phoenix!..

for me, just reading the messages posted here makes me feel better.different persons, different ideas,so many ways to see I guess. last night I was a little sad (well,in fact I felt like crying... ), but than I said to myself I dont't want to. (didn' worth.not anymore...). so I started do something else: reading the messages posted here. and I found many of them so, suddenly I realized I feel better, because I knew that no metter what are you going through, there is more in life than just that. I know that at the moment you may feel its the end, nothing metters anymore, but if you just wait a'll see: there is more!and I learned: I know when I am down that I must wait a while. after that I will see things different. I just have to give myself a little time.
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