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Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUfAD)

Two thirds of people with anxiety and depression go without proper treatment, even in rich countries like the US, the UK or Australia. This website, backed by the University of New South Wales, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney and the World Health Organization Collaborating Center at the hospital, aims to remedy this. It offers information so that some people can help themselves, it offers comprehensive information so that doctors can know the right treatment, and it offers information on the latest in our research. A related website, CLIMATE - Clinical Management Treatment Education, offers education about the management of anxiety and depression and other disorders. Access to those programs can be prescribed by your doctor.

Check the three information sources: Self Help, Clinician Support, and Research.

We also have vacancies for a free web-based treatment for severe shyness. Go to to learn about the details.


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David Baxter PhD

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Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)

This designation abbreviated NOS can be used when the mental disorder appears to fall within the larger category but does not meet the criteria of any specific disorder within that category.

In practical usage, it may mean that the diagnosis isn't clear (insufficient information) or that it appears to meet some of the criteria of more than one disorder.
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