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Anxiety Support Groups

Need someone to talk to?someone who understands what it?s like to deal with anxiety? Joining a support group could be just the ticket to finding the people who understand what you're experiencing.

Anxiety Disorder Association of America
Browse a list of support groups by state and find addresses and contact information.

The Anxiety Community
A community for people suffering from anxiety disorders - articles, glossary, news, research and forum.

Anxiety/Panic Support Community's Journal
A Live Journal community. A support community for those who suffer from such ailments as panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder.
Message boards and chat dedicated to sharing information, offering support, and coping strategies for sufferers, moderated by volunteers that have overcome anxiety or panic.

Chatrooms are open 24/7. A calendar of chat events keeps you informed of the topics that will be discussed regarding anxiety and panic disorders.

Social Anxiety Support
Read and post messages and find support if you suffer from social anxiety.

Teenagers Panic Support
Group for teenagers with anxiety disorders. Real life experiences and coping tips.
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