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Can anybody help me? I'm in the middle of my exams and have one in a day and a half, I'm hardly coherent. I had to rewrite my typing two times just now. I'm so overwhelmed and I really don't know how to handle it.

Things that I studied before and have previously done with ease are coming out all wrong, and I'm all stressed about the outcome and the massive amount of pressure to pass.

CAn someone please help me rid this overwhelming sense of dread and anxiety over all my tutorial work that I have left to do. I have to admit I'm not the most organised person, but it's really hard to swallow that I can't even do the stuff that I used to study and do so well anymore!!:hissyfit:
Hey RJ
I don't have much advice for you, sorry, but I can somewhat relate to this. Here's what others have said on this topic:
Daniel said:
To reduce the tension, it can usually only help to exercise aerobically (enough to make you sweat) for 10-30 minutes prior to studying. It may also help to study in 15-minute intervals with 5 minute breaks rather than 30-minute intervals with 10 minute breaks.
Ladylore said:
Personally, I have put together a self-care list as reminders for myself. When I am in the middle of a panic cycle I tend to forget some basics. I just thought I might share a bit of what is on my self care list and if you want to try some of these, please do.

1. When is the last time I ate? I am a grazer now and need to eat about every two hours, with protien being a part of the snack (even a piece of cheese) as protien well even out blood sugar. When blood sugar levels are to low hypoglisemia symtoms can mimic panic symtoms.

2. Remember to breathe. Simply focussing on my normal breath for a 5min can reduce the panic.

3. Soothing all my senses - put on music that is soothing, light incense (if your not allergic, put on a sweater or other clothing that feels good against your skin, make some hot chocolate or soothing drink (non-alcoholic), turning on some lights if the room is too dim or visa versa. Anything that will soothe all your senses and give you a great sense of security.

4. Call a friend (other loved ones) just to chat, log on here - make a connection to someone will help you feel not so alone.

5. Finally, I use to have a few affirmations on my bathroom wall (easily accessible place) to remind myself I am safe.
Another idea was studying in groups or with a friend, though that may not be practical during the exam period.

You can only do the best you can for this moment. So whether or not it correlates at all with your previous exam marks, or is as good as the standard you want it to be, is a secondary matter.


thank you for that gooblax :) I felt better after that and more controlled, everything seems more manageable now. I went and saw my tutor this morning to sort stuff out, and it helped get over this overwhelming sense of doom.


Calling a friend or anyone and talking to them really helps in such times...i just had my examz...and i do this when i get messed up or too anxious...!!!

Good luck
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