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Just wondering if you guys know of any good documentaries regarding happiness, depression, personality/social relationship type documentaries you could share or know of?


My favorite source for usually reputable and scientifically accurate documentaries on mood disorders, medical conditions and brain issues is PBS in the U.S.

The Scientific American series hosted by Alan Alda on "The Human Factor" comes to mind, then the incredible series hosted by Charlie Rose called "The Brain Series" is one I wait for each month.

There have been a number of PBS specials dealing with depression, and the one hosted by Jane Pauley was one of the best I remember seeing.

However I noticed in recent weeks during PBS fund raising programming, there have been a couple of what sound like "snake oil" remedies for everything from depression to cancer, which I find demeaning and unworthy of PBS, but maybe these slipped by the PBS programming evaluators.

I believe most if not all of these may be available online in their entirety at PBS: Public Broadcasting Service

I do not like any of the voyeuristic programs that seem to have become popular in the last year or so that seem to exploit people with disorders such as OCD and hoarders that disguise themselves as reality shows.. I find these to be largely sesationalistic and with limited redeeming value except that they increase awareness of certain disorders, but do little to deal with social stigma.

Have you come across any offerings by any other media outlet such as the CBC (Canada) or BBC (U.K)
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