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Hi everybody,

I am back home from my lapband surgery...

The surgery, I am told, went very well... doctor said I did an excellent job helping to shrink my liver... said it made the operation much easier.

I have 6 'tool' incisions on my belly... they pull a bit and are tender but I am managing ok. What IS bothering me is cramps and gassy feeling I have... its almost debilitating ! Stomach is gurgling and I can feel air moving in my insides and its quite painful at times. Dont know what causes it exactly...

Was feeling mostly ok until I had my 'radiogastric swallow'... swallow some x-ray liquid that they use to see if the band is in place and how everything works... was told everything is perfect... however I think it was this that is causing the tummy upset and wind now.

Was discharged in 24 hours from time of surgery... staples holding cuts were removed and Steri-strips cover the cuts now.

It is sore to walk... cant bend over much at all... was able to have some ice cream and custard to eat after the x-rays.

I am home but its not very comfortable here... find it hard to rest... couch too low... bed too low and flat... need to be inclined up to ease the our 3.5 year old running around... cat jumping up on tummy last night for cuddles. Was awake at 3am... now 5:30am... feels like I’ve been awake for days. Its going to be a long recovery I think !


Good, for you Techie. I'm happy for your success. I would also like to lead you to Julianne Kennedy's site. Have you heard about her? Well, she has done a lot of research on Lap Band Surgeries. Now, she is giving away free reports in order for the world to know the status of obese people in the society.
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