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Had an odd occurance today. Here I had thought I had resolved all of my social anxiety issues... I had been, since moving here, getting involved in this singles group and have had some good times with them. And today, we met up to go to this AAA baseball team, just accross the street from me.

There was really no one my age in group tonight, and my seat was kind of isolated. They sat some Syrian guy next to me and he left after the 1st inning. They invited me over but I just felt seriously anxious, so many people around me, so much noise, so much activity.... I didn't feel panicy but just anxious and uncomfortable... definitely not having any fun, so after pacing back and forth (exploring) for a little bit, I just left after the 2nd inning.

I have no problem going to games like this when I am going with 1 or 2 close friends or family members (like the dodger game I went to last week with my mom and stepdad), but today was just different....

*sigh* ahh the return of social anxiety.

I probably could of drank my anxiety away with their 2 dollar beers but I don't want that crutch. So I just drove myself home. Gonna have a jog for some cardio. Kind of disappointed that social anxiety (or agoraphobia) is still in my life, thought it was gone :(


I wonder if it ever goes away. I fight it like hell every day, and when I make progress, I am always like "yes, I have conquered it", but it rears its ugly head once again. It's hard to be successful at work with a problem like this, but I have no choice but to carry on since I have a family I need to provide for.


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Anxiety won't ever disappear. It's an emotion we must have as it is our warning signal that we could be in danger. So check out to see if there is actual danger. If not, say a silent thank you for the warning and everything is safe and secure and so are you.
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