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November 2nd, 2007

I have come to one conclusion. LISTEN UP ALL OF YOU WHO THINK YOU DON?T NEED THE MEDS. AND THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK PYSCH MEDS ARE AN UNNECESSARY LUXURY FOR EITHER YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY MEMBER. Psych meds are just as important as cancer meds, blood pressure meds, or any other med. Bipolar and all of it?s psych cousins IS a real mental and physical illness. It is not the condition that you see portrayed in the press. It cannot be cured by a few weeks in an expensive rehab setting. The celebrities that you see packing their Gucci bags and heading into a posh resort either don?t have bipolar or are not ?cured? when they come out. They may have learned to manage their bipolar and/or been put on meds. But, once bipolar, always bipolar. You do not outgrow it. You do not get cured of it. And, most of all, it is not an illness of convenience.

In other words, bipolar is not a label to be slapped on a person for a defense in court then removed on down the road.

One final thought??if you or your loved one is bipolar, please seek treatment. The manic high is absolutely the most fantastic feeling in the world to the BP who is experiencing. BUT, a crash always follows sooner of later. Then, the BP is left in a dark hell-hole of black depression. This is no way to live. This is no way for your loved one to live. Treatment does help. Talk therapy does help. Don?t just ignore it and think it will go away. IT WILL NOT.
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