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Are these anti depressants legitimate? Does anyone know any online companies that are definately legitimate?

David Baxter PhD

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One of the problem with online pharmacies is that they are not well regulated. I've never used one and I'd be leery about doing so personally.
i really do not think buying drugs on the internet is a good idea. you do not know who you are buying from or what they are sending you (if they even send it). it would be risky. get your medication from your doctor, it really is the safest thing to do. if you are trying to cut costs because of money issues, talk to your doctor to see what you could do, who knows there may be a solution.


sadgirl: also talk to your social worker about your financial circunstances.. and tell him\her that you really need to go to a doc and maybe need meds as well. check out any and all resources available in your area.. ok

please stay away from buying online as bg and david have pointed out it really is not a good idea at all,.



I have to agree with everyone on here that I don't think that buying medication online is the best solution. Again, you don't know who is sending you the meds, where they are coming from and whether they are actually the real meds or not.

I recently watched a program on tv that showed how a lot of the meds bought online are fakes and although they look real there are no guarantees.

Therefore my suggestion would be to go to your doctor and obtain the meds from him/her and also if cost is a factor than maybe you can explain that as well.

Take care SadGirl
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