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I find that my constant "Checking" that everything "is ready for tommorow" can take up so much time, that on my days off I can often spend SO long "getting everything ready" that I dont like going out for instance on a sunday because I have to work on a monday,
so IF i do go out on a sunday when I get back home my "checking" goes crazy because tommorow is so soon, and the anxiety increases, so more often than not wherever possible I dont go out on my 2nd day off because the "checking" goes into overdrive when I get home!

Does anyone else know what I mean? Its not that im not scared of going outside, but I can see how people with OCD would stop going out because when you come back the checking everything is SO time consuming and time is then often running into the next day, when for me "everything needs to be ready".
I hope that makes sense, it is a little difficult to put into words

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can OCD lead to other anxiety disorders later in life?

I have to run but the short answer is that OCD is an anxiety disorder -- the "purpose" of the OCD rituals is to try to reduce anxiety to a more manageable level, although of course like most defense mechanisms it is only partially successful and can create further problems in itself.

It is also true that many people who suffer from OCD also show symptoms of other anxiety disorders, e.g., generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder. But what you're describing sounds more like the "normal OCD anxiety".


can OCD lead to other anxiety disorders later in life?

I can definately relate to you about checking things for the next day. Actually, I can go a bit further.....I have a party to go to this Saturday, 9/10 and I am planing on wearing a new skirt that I bought last month. Would you believe that I have been checking to see if the zipper works? I have been checking this since I bought the skirt last month and checking everyday. (up, down, up, down with the zipper) Here I am wondeing if the zipper will break and I might be causing it to break anyway by going up, down, up, down with it. You are definately not alone with the checking. I also check to make sure my cell, keys and wallet and purse are all ready for the next day. I check to make sure my keys, etc. are in my purse about 10 times a night. I finally found someone I can relate to.

I am somewhat like that and i can realte to you just a bit my habit is well i always check what i am going ot wear it's all about clothes but so many other things to but every night before i go to bed i try on at least 10 different things before finally deciding what i am going to wear but that's not all the net day i never end up wearing it because it just doesn't sem right like for example who wears a black shirt on a sunny day who were a pink or white shirt on a yucky day... i can'T it is like impossible for me and then just in case in my school bag if the weather changes i have a shirt of a different color for the temperature like if th day is sunny i were a light color but carry in my bag a dark shirt in case it rains.. I have other little habits like well washing my hands 6 times in the morning when i wake up . 6 times after breakfast 10 time before i go out to school or anywere and 8 times after lunch 8 times when i get home and 16 after supper .. it is all calculated like 6 is for the date of by b-day 10 is for the 10 th month and 8 and 8 is for the year 16 is for my age soon it will change to 17 times a day after supper not including 5 time after i use the washroom. My life seem to be revolved around just that
yours trully ashley-kate
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