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I was diagnosed with panic disorder 8 years ago,and took medication.After taking a recent 8 month break from the meds,I discovered that I have anxiety everyday,more GAD than typical panic attacks,having had just one major panic attack in the past 10 months.

Can panic disorder change to GAD? or is it just an addition to the panic disorder.

David Baxter PhD

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I do see evidence in my practice of anxiety disorders "morphing" over time to different expressions or forms of anxiety... sometimes from GAD to OCD or Panic Disorder, and, yes, in one case from Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia to GAD.


What prompted your discontinuing your medications?
I felt I wanted to try it on my own..take a break.It was a great few months,anxiety free,med free.Then in Oct I had a massive panic attack and realized that perhaps it was time to go back on medication.
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