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I've always been cautious about using registry cleaners, however my system developed some issues that appear to be registry related and I don't have the skill to edit nor diagnose registry issues on my own.

What experience do you have with CCCleaner? Good, bad, recommendations?


David Baxter PhD

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I use it on occasion. It works. I can't recall if it automatically does a registry backup first or not but check the options and make sure it does.

Also create a new restore point before you run CCleaner just in case. I'm leery of anything messing with the registry so I like to be safe. :)

It also starts the preloader automatically by default. I don't like programs that do that, especially those I don't use regularly. Run autoruns to disable CCleaner from starting - or you can do it via the Task Manager startup tab in Windows 10.

In addition to cleaning the registry, it also includes other utilities for deleting temporary files. I would advise you to go through and check the options there very carefully so it doesn't delete cookies and settings you want to keep.


So far so good..yes, it creates a backup for every registry clean operation. I see what you mean about the browser settings and cookie deletion.

Thanks for the heads up on restore point..though if worse comes to worst, I have a daily image a parachute...better to have it an not need it than to need it and not have it.

Will see if the program that was misbehaving will work correctly now that the registry has been cleaned.
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