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Children at Risk

Children at Risk was incorporated as a charitable organization in 1979. It provides services in the Greater Ottawa area to families with children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders. These children are ?at risk? of not developing to their full potential if they do not receive early intensive intervention implemented skillfully and diligently. By developing a child?s skills to overcome behavioural, communication and social problems at the onset, they stand to achieve their full potential. This will enhance family life and community participation.

CAR Goals

  • Children at Risk seeks to increase public awareness of Autism and the impact this disability has on the child and on his or her family.
  • Children at Risk strives for the full integration of the child within his or her community.
  • Children at Risk offers community-based special projects to help the friends and families of autistic children cope the challenges
  • of raising an autistic child.
  • Children at Risk advocates on behalf of Autistic children and their families at the local, provincial and national levels.
  • Children at Risk fosters linkages with other local agencies or organizations in the community.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
C.A.R. is now accepting registration for our winter programs. Sessions will start the week of January 15, 2007. If your child is new to the programs, an initial interview is usually conducted to clarify his/hers needs and to identify the suitable program for him/her. Please forward your completed referral form to the Children at Risk office by mail or email. The cost of these groups is partly subsidized by private donations and continual fundraising events. Costs vary, depending on the group.

At this time, we are offering the following programs. The final list of groups to be held will be determined by demand and availability. Unless indicated, groups are currently for moderate-higher functioning ASD children (ratios of 2 or 3 children to one facilitator). Please specify which program you would be interested in.

Age Group* Max # of kids

4-6 years old 6 Saturday Morning 9 sessions over 18 weeks Donald St.
5-7 years old 6 Saturday Afternoon 9 sessions over 18 weeks Donald St.
7-10 years old 6 Monday Evening 8 sessions Barrhaven(Strandherd)

Life Skills
10-14 years old 6 Tuesday Evening 8 sessions Donald St.
7-11 years old 6 Wednesday Evening 8 sessions Donald St.

"Typical Teens"
Asperger Syndrome Grades 7 & 8 6 sessions Thursday Evening 8 Donald St. & Outings
11-14 years old 6 Friday Evening 8 sessions Donald St.
Siblings 5-8 years old 8-10 Saturday Morning 7 sessions over 14 weeks Donald St.
Sibling 8-13 years old 12 Saturday Afternoon 7 sessions over 14 weeks Donald St.

Children at Risk
235 Donald Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1N1
Tel: (613) 741-8255, Fax: (613) 741-5530
Revenue Canada Charitable Number 10691/3775/RR/0001
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