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Jun 13, 2010
Can you see a physical therapist (again)? When I was caregiving, some physical therapists would make home visits for the convenience of the client.

Personally, I have used Youtube for physical therapy exercises. I am a big fan of Bob & Brad, the most popular PTs on Youtube. For example:

I can only get 6 visits per year because, as a disabled person, I could never get work. When one lives on social assistance we must be limited as to which physiotherapist we can see and then we’re only allowed 6 visits per year.

As soon as physiotherapy was delisted under Canada’s health care plan, the service went downhill.

I watch Bob and Brad a lot and I almost worship the ground they walk on. They make sense.

Mom used to be a physiotherapist so I almost learned proper body mechanics and movements by osmosis.

The problem is the wheelchair. Sitting is the worst thing for the back.

I usually use distraction techniques - finding positive and rewarding things to do. I also use self-talk. I often wake up in some of the worst pain imaginable. Because I use a wheelchair and because I have to pre-book my trips on ParaTransit, I convince myself to push through the pain and get up. I then remind myself, once I’m up the world is my oyster. I just need to push a lever (the joystick on my power wheelchair) to get out and enjoy the day.

Thanks for the tip about Bob and Brad. If anyone else wants to check them out, go for it. They’re great


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Aug 5, 2004
Does lumbar support help?

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 12.04.06 PM.jpg

For sitting areas without a footrest, adding a footrest or ottoman may also help with back pain. For some people, it helps more than lumbar support since it helps them recline their back:

I know my most comfortable place to sit is a recliner. I also use my adjustable bed at night when using my laptop.
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