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I have experimented with drugs from the age of 13,using most of the chemicals and herbs available,from LSD to Heroin.

About a year ago i spent about 8 months completely drug and alcohol free,that was best i felt mentally and physically in years...I have changed a hell of a lot from when i first started out on my drug career,i have learned many lessons and have grown.

My life is not what i expected it to be and i live a life that feels as if its the life of a ghost...Anyway,although i don`t use drugs much anymore i still find myself doing them.In recent times i have fooled myself into thinking that legal highs are okay but have found myslef getting addicted to two of them,first it was kratom (mitragyna speciosa) and now dried opium poppy pods (papaver somnifernum).The poppy pods are not sold as a legal high they are mainly bought by those who use them for the high that they give,the pods can be found almost anywhere and are legal,those of us who have an affliction to all things to do with drugs and getting high can find many means to do so...These pods being one of them.

When will i stop experimenting? I have taken poppy tea for five days in a row and now am licking my self inflicted wounds,i feel sick and withdrawn...Oh well this is the life of a hopeless drug user.


I don't think that you are a hopeless drug user. What I do think is that one addiction replaces another and you are literally just trying to fool yourself into thinking that you are not doing anything "illegal" therefore you are not really "doing drugs".

Jeffrey, last year when you quit using for 8 months did you go through any inpatient or outpatient treatment for your addictions? If no, I would probably suggest that you talk to your doctor or therapist (if you have one) and see what resources are available in your area for that. Completing treatment doesn't necessarily just mean detoxing and staying sober/clean but helps to get to the root of the issues as to why you used drugs in the first place.

Take care


I can be very creative when I'm looking to escape myself, until I lose myself.
Like you, I have similar experience. I have experimented with all things "high" related, have used drugs for 37 years, pot has been my drug of choice for the last 30.
I was clean just short of 2 years when I started smoking again.
When I was clean I was healthier and happier, for a time, then it started to feel like it wasn't me, not my life.
I haven't experimented with anything new in a long time but recently bought salvia and now am thinking "what am I doing".
I'm trying to reconnect with some of the positive things I was doing when I was clean and I'm making some progress.

What type of things were you doing when you where clean?

I'm still using everyday but not to the extent I was a month ago and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

I'm not hopeless, your not hopeless, we're just slow learners ( smile)
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