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Counting the Calories in Christmas Alcohol

There are ways to watch your alcohol content at Christmas without being a party pooper - here's a few tips.

Party Time

It's that time of year again when the party invitations start flooding in - the Office Do, family get togethers and meeting up with old friends are all on the agenda.

Parties mean alcohol and with the best will in the world you will want to enter the party spirit and enjoy a drink.

Alcohol is high in calories (1g = 7kcal). However, a little knowledge means you can minimise the damage and enjoy a glass or two. It is important to keep your intake of alcohol under control - moderation is the key.

Ways to Reduce Calories

  1. Try alternating alcoholic drinks with low calorie non-alcoholic drinks or water
  2. Ask for low calorie/diet mixers where possible - it can make a big difference
  3. Make wine into a spritzer - a longer drink means you will drink less
  4. Substitute your "alcopop" for a shot of spirit and a low calorie mixer
Make Allowance in Your Calorie Quota

Plan alcohol into your daily calorie quota so you can enjoy a glass or two. If you know you will be drinking at a party, try to save some calories each day in advance or increase your activity levels to compensate.

Don't Skip Meals to Allow for Drinks

Don't be tempted to skip meals to allow for drinks - alcohol won't satisfy your hunger.

In fact, alcohol lowers blood sugar levels (it prevents sugar that is normally stored in the liver, as glycogen, from breaking down). A drop in blood sugar levels sends signals to the brain that you are hungry. With alcohol in your system, will power can go out of the window and snack attacks kick in. Eating a proper meals before you go out will line your stomach and slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream. This will keep you in control of how much you eat and drink.

SWAP kcals FOR lower kcals

1 Shot/25ml Gin with 125ml Tonic Water 93
  • 1 Shot/25ml Gin with 125ml Diet Tonic Water 53

1 Shot/25ml Barcardi with 125ml Coke 104
  • 1 Shot/25ml Bacardi with 125ml Diet Coke 52

1 Glass/120ml Champagne 89
  • 1 Glass/120ml Dry White Wine 77

1 Pint/568ml Lager 227
  • 1 Pint/568ml Shandy 108

1 Bottle/275ml Bacardi Breezer 198
  • 1 Bottle/275ml Diet Bacardi Breezer 96
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