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I've never said anything about this because I thought that I could manage it and eventually get over it. There are times in both individual therapy and marriage counseling that I simply freeze and go inside of myself because the subject matter is too hard to deal with. Some stuff happened to me when I was a kid that still has a hold on me. It makes it difficult for me be close with my husband and other people. Coupled with this, about 4-5 years ago, my husband forced himself on me and when we're together, I have to pretend like I'm someone else and go away. Afterwards, I'm like this stupid, jerk kid who feels ashamed that I can't get my act together. I have the knowledge of what I'm suppose to do to overcome this. Yet, it's more than a notion. Has anyone out there learned to get past dissociation when old wounds crop up?
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is your therapist aware of this freezing up you do? if not, i think it would be helpful to tell him/her. they can probably help you with this.


I sometimes dissociate in therapy too. Ultimately I find it really really therapeutic though, as my therapist and I work through it, in a safe place.
It's important that trauma therapy is both gentle and firm, to help manage sensitive material.
Dear Into the Light and Braveheart:

Yes, both my individual therapist and marriage counselor know that I dissociate and are working with me to resolve it. Parts of me just want to get this issue resolved and move on a lot quicker than I'm going. I've read various articles on the subject and feel that if I can figure this out then I can help myself resolve the fears. Yet, in reality, it doesn't work. I just want the situation to be better. Thanks for responding.
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