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hey i needed to talk cause i don't know what to do i am pathetic one of my friends just got hospitalised for anorexia and she is dying she is not doing good basicly and it scares me to death not because i am doing the same or anything not because i am in the same position but because i envy her i wish i wer in that position and everything would just end i wish she wasn't that thin ad it was me i wish i were the one that would lose it all and no longuer suffereing so basicly i am sad because she might get to dye before me . i admit that i am sad because my friend is very ill and that she is at the end of her fight she still has a chance but very tiny but i can't help but feel ****ed that she reached it before me she is almost dead before me . is this normal !????
please help
Re: death

You're not pathetic. Eating disorders LIE to us. Big time. They are diseases that tell us things that just aren't true. That's what is happening to you. It's tragic about your friend. Life is a precious gift and even though we go through horrible things there are always good, wonderful things too. As long as there is life there is hope.

I struggle with anorexia and bulimia too and I can relate to what you posted. I've struggled for a long time and am just now facing the issue, really facing it. I think you're strong and brave to come on here and post about this asking for help.

Are you still receiving any help with these issues? I know you were awhile back. I think you need to keep trying to get help. Don't give up because there is hope for this. I believe that for you and hope you can believe it for yourself.

Remember, eating disorders are good at LYING to you. Lies. It's hard to sort out what is the truth sometimes, but I know for a fact, 100%, that being dead is not a better option.

Daniel E.
Re: death

As Janet has said, your feeling of hopelessness is a symptom of depression, not an indication of your future.
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