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Mar 26, 2004
Late Ottawa radio host Lauren Davis remembered by mother in new book
CBC News
Mar 1, 2019

Erin Davis says she wrote the book in part for other people experiencing loss and grief


Late Ottawa news radio anchor Lauren Davis, left, poses with her mother, longtime Toronto radio personality Erin Davis, in a wedding photo shared on Lauren Davis's Facebook page. Nearly four years after her daughter passed away in Ottawa, longtime Toronto radio personality Erin Davis has penned a book with a simple message: don't hide your grief.

Mourning Has Broken is a reflection on the passing of Davis' daughter, Lauren Davis, who died in her sleep in May 2015 after spending her first Mother's Day with her infant son.

Erin Davis told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning she wrote the book in part for other people experiencing similar losses.

"I came to write it for other people who grieve. Not only for parents but those who know people that grieve [and] what to say to them," she said.


Erin Davis shared this image of her late daughter Lauren Davis and her young son Colin on her online journal on Mother's Day in 2015. (ErinDavis.com | Welcome to Erin Davis' Official Website)

Erin Davis rejects what she believes is a common notion that handling loss should be done privately.

"It's something we don't talk about much. You're expected to move on," she said.

One lesson Erin Davis said she found while mourning her daughter — and wants to impart on her readers — is grief should be out in the open.

"There's strength in vulnerability, in asking for help, in talking to people and listening and letting them share their pain with you," she said. "I've come to believe that pain shared is divided and joy shared is multiplied."

Cause still unknown
Lauren Davis followed in her mother's footsteps and became the midday news anchor and host of Ottawa Noon on 580 CFRA.

She had just given birth to her son Colin before she died. The cause of her death is still unknown.
While not knowing what happened was a source of frustration for Erin Davis early on, she said she's made peace with it.

"In the end you wonder if knowing would even make that much of a difference," she said. "I'm not sure, because I think the word closure is thrown around so freely and it just simply doesn't apply because she's gone, but we have her son, which keeps everything open in the most wonderful ways."

Erin Davis said while she partly wrote the book for other grievers, ultimately the book is for Colin.

"When he gets a little older and wants to know about his 'tummy mummy,' he'll have this to find out what a wonderful and funny mother he had and learn more about how loved she was."

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