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Drug Rehabilitation for the LGBT Community uncovers the drug epidemic in the Gay community and provides resources treatment of not only drug and alcohol addiction but also eating disorders and co-occurring disorders like depression.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) January 7, 2008 - Depression, drug addiction and eating disorders are common in the LGBT community but specialized services are not. Alcoholics anonymous and outpatient eating disorder clinics have been proven to reduce the chances of addiction resulting in serious illness or death but in many cases in-patient addiction treatment is necessary. Although this is never an easy decision or an easy process for an addict or their family to go through, it is particularly challenging for gays.

Earlier this year Lakeview Health Systems created to help deliver services to the gay community. The newest version of the site launched on January 1st and includes a wealth of resources and research for the LGBT community as well as access to immediate consultation for alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. It is now the addiction treatment resource for the LGBT community.

Dual Diagnosis (commonly referred to as co-occurring disorder) is just now making it into the mainstream of straight-only addiction treatment, let alone specialized treatment for the gay community. However, up to 70% of all addicts suffer from some sort of underlying psychological or emotional disorder. It has been this line of thought that has rocketed dual diagnosis research into the mainstream and only very recently has it been used in a careful and specialized manner for LGBTs.

For more information on addiction treatment including drugs alcohol, eating disorders and their interactions with emotional and psychological disorders, please visit
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