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I got into an argument with my ex boy friend. He told me that I was boring and that he didn't want to be friends with me. I'm the only friend he had that knows he's gay. This may sound selfish but I think he should value me more then his friends. I don't think it's good for him to have friends he's afraid of. I value my friends too but at least they know I'm bi. I have other friends as well but I don't count them as friends. This is because their always making gay jokes and it makes me uncomfortable to be around them. I'd rather have a boring true friend then 9 fun false friends. I know I can't stop my ex bf from hanging out with his friends but I would be more excepting if his friends were true instead of "cool". How can I help convince him that his friends are no good?

David Baxter PhD

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Perhaps. But only he can make that choice. And the way all of us learn to make good decisions is by making a few bad ones along the way.


That had to hurt him saying you were boring.

Eventually he'll see the real deal. Sometimes we have to get hurt to open our eyes.

You should be proud of yourself for being a good and true friend.
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