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I am thinking about getting professional help for PTSD and some other problems of mine. Its gotten to the point where I realize I need to do something...I am going nowhere right now. Its hard for me to get started doing anything...I can't focus, my life sucks, I get nothing done.

How much should I expect to pay for treatment for PTSD? Yes I know it varies, but what's the average? The reason I ask is I don't make much and really want to move out of my parents house, get married etc...I am trying to save my money you know...but I can't let this go either.

David Baxter PhD

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It does vary considerably depending on location, experience, training/expertise, etc. If you are in the US, psychiatrists are probably the most expensive, followed by psychologists, followed by social workers. In Canada, psychiatrists are covered by the government health plan but tend to have very long waiting lists.

Your family doctor may be a source of more information in your area. One thing to look for or inquire about is whether the therapist offers a "sliding fee scale", where the fees may be reduced for people with limited financial resources and no extended health insurance.


It would be worth asking your familiy doctor about free mental health clinics in the area. Those are usally staffed with qualified psychiatrists that give their time to help those that can't find or afford it elsewhere. Or you can call your local hospital and ask them if they have one in the premises or can recommend one.

David Baxter PhD

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Another possible source of free or low cost counselling services is a local university. They often will have a counselling service where senior graduate students see clients to gain experience in counselling and psychotherapy.
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